Don't Be A Litterbug

by The Litterbugs

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released October 31, 2016

Recorded By:
Jeff Rendano in Monroe, NY

All songs written and performed by The Litterbugs.

These Litterbugs are:
Nathaniel Orion Mengaziol (Guitar/ Lyrics)
Zack Brandman (Bass Guitar)
Wyatt Leinoff (Drums/ Screams)



all rights reserved


The Litterbugs Chester, New York

The Litterbugs formed in 2014 in Orange County, NY.

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Track Name: Cool As Hell
Come on now, Little Baby, let's wake the dead
Listen to those voices talk inside of your head
What ya got going on better instead
Be Cool, Baby, Be cool -

Come on Now, Little Baby, Let's slash some tires
Smash a couple windows and start some fires
Jack a couple cars 'cause we got crossed wires
Be cool, Baby, Be cool-
Cool as Hell-

Come on now, Little Baby, let's rattle some bones
Turn up the burner and toss our phones
Beats anothe night of sittng home alone
Be cool, Baby, be cool-

And as we're gonna go, gonna fight the dawn
Our reign of terror just going on and on
By the time the police show up, gonna be long gone
Be cool, Baby, Be cool-
Cool as Hell-
Track Name: High Like Any Other
Been looking for a hit for what feels like days
I'm stirred but unshaken, unfiltered, unfazed
But I'll be doing better once I get through this haze
Alright -

Been looking for a hit what feels like weeks months or years
And I'm paying double price in blood, sweat, or tears
While you go around, stealing songs from your mother
Looking for a high like any other

Feel a little needful and a little bit naughty
I wanna be infected by your foreign body
and I got the funny feeling things are gonna end oddly

Well the way that I fell for you, I'd make a few regrets
draw your nails across my blackboard, lest I soon forget
Well I think that I knew you there, like a lover
you said "you're just a high like any other"

Well people say they seen me, say I look like a ghost
baby you're the only one that knows what I need the most,
been counting all my blessings, but they won't make me through
this Night

'Cause ever since I seen you girl, I ain't slept for weeks
been grinding down my teeth so hard, I can barely sleep
Well I took one hit and what do I discover?
You ain't just a high like any other.
Track Name: Mustard Stains
Well I showed up late to my own scene
Got Mustard Stains on my jeans
Been this way since I was sixteen
Got Mustard Stains on my jeans

Never want to leave my room
I was born just to consume
Ketchup contains Lycopene
Still got Mustard Stains on my jeans

The Radio won't even play my songs
You'll be sorry when I'm gone
Think I'm gona start a Zine
About Mustard Stains on my jeans

My whole damn life is so obscene
Never gonna catch my dream
Drown myself in Gasoline
Still got Mustard Stains on my jeans

I don't care-
About any one -
or -
no more-
Track Name: Deep End
Got the wind knocked outta my lungs
hit the waterwhen I slipped the rungs
Didn't hurt bad, But it kinda stung
Well I'm sorry I'm so uncool

Kinda cynical and obscene
What smells like calamine and chlorine
set the stage up for this summer scene
Well I'm drowning in your pool

Oh Yeah-

So no one else knows the depths of my sins
Or the kinda trouble that I find myelf in
I hope that when they find me, I'll be wearing my grin
My silent vestibule

When no more bubbles from these lips shall rise
Don't you flush me out the filter-trap, with the leaves and flies
I'll still be down here with the weight of all these lies
well I'm drowning in your pool

Oh Yeah, well-

Something else got a hold-on-me
still I- I kinda wanna be your fool
What it takes just to make you see?
I'm drowning in your pool

Oh yeah -

And all-in-all, I don't know what was so inspiring
Were you my muse, or were you just my siren?
I did it for the flash of scales, and the taste of I-ro-ny
My god, I'm such a tool.

And though I turned to run, I knew I could not Hide
Though only you could tell me how many times I've tried
It still turns out that I could nor resist the ev'ning tide
I''m drowning in your pool

Oh yeah-


Something else got a hold-on-me
Kinda candy, kinda cruel
It's not the ocean, or the endless sea
I'm drowning in your pool

Something else got a hold-on-me
Though my doubt you overrule
If my whole life was worth one moment to be
drowning in your pool

Oh yeah -

So push these final thoughts outta my mind
Leave them with the body that I'm gonna leave behind
I'll swim again with you some other place and time,
I'll be here in your pool

Oh yeah -
Track Name: Poverty Lines
Well I've got dollar-store sunglasses, You've got mushroom-cloud dreams
Let's get up off our asses'fore the sky splits its seams
Well You look a bit hung over, but you're gonna be fine
Living down here, under the poverty line
I say

So won't you come a little closer, smell the fear on my breath
Well I had a premonition of a life before death
and maybe just a little bit of faith's what I lack
Well we've been this way before, we ain't never coming back
Well, I'm sorry what I said last night, you know what I meant
How can we afford to change if we can't make the rent?
Well I'll count up all my nickles, girl if you count your dimes
And we'll buy a one-way ticket out the Poverty Line

I say:
Here we go again
Just like the first time
Under the poverty line

Wll, I'm still a litte bit ugly, little bit long in the tooth
better talk a little bit faster, lest we squander our youth
and if innocence and providence have passed us down the road
Well then you might as well forgive the lies you though I sold
'Cause we're stuck inside this wage gap, man, it feels like a jail
We're Gonna Start to age fast, 'less we can make the bail
So I'll pay off all my tickets, girl, if you pay your fines
Maybe we'll parole our souls up out the poverty lines

I Say:
There it goes again
We'll get 'em the next time
Under the poverty line

And every day's the same
again and again I say

So won't you come a little closer baby, why can't you see?
What persuing our love has been doing to me
Well I promise you I'll take you, death or sickness or health
I can promise you heaven, I can't promise you wealth

I say:
Here we go again
Same as the last time
Under the poverty line
Swear we're just doing time
You know we're gonna be fine
Under the poverty line
Track Name: Ebolove
Ever get the feeling that you're falling in love?
Like when the needle sticks you through your latex glove?
Baby, you're the only one I've been dreaming of,
All night-

Well, get on your best dress, and don't be late
I'll pick you up at seven for a real hot date
Already I'mma start to hyper-salivate

And you know my love is true-
Cause I only wanna be with you.

Couldn't help myself to just one kiss,
Well, I couldn't contain the infectious bliss
So forget about the people that you're gonna miss
All right-

'Cause I hate to tell you babe, There's been a quarantine breach
Down at the university supposedly teach
so now put away the gas mask and forget the bleach

And you know my love is true-
cause I only wanna share it with you-
And I know that you love me too-oo-
Cause you told me next what we're gonna do

You said this is Home-coming baby, this is the prom
as long as we can slip away, don't cause no one alarm
Well the government won't have the balls to drop the bomb
All right-

Gonna take ourselves down to grand central station,
where I hear they got pretty bad sanitation
gonna lick all the hand-rails in that location
gonna spread our love across the nation

Now I know that you love me
and to be together's our destiny
With every second that I'm gonna spend with you
I'll be there until the end with you

So I'll be patient zero, please be my number one
With a bullet straight from a smoking gun
Well the end-time stages, they don't seem much fun

And a couple weeks later, when they're starting to melt
Well they'll never understand the love we felt
So come on baby girl, let's play the cards we're dealt

Now I know my love is true
Pretty sure we ain't got the flu
Couldn't keep it all to myself
Wanna share it with everyone else